Becoming the Warrior

Sorry, I was unable to post yesterday...just a crazy stressed day yesterday...horribly stressed. I wish I could say I was the picture of health and fitness and made GREAT outstanding choices but the truth is I did in fact have 3 cookies...with almond butter (Tried to make myself feel better about having a carb, so I added a yummy protein). I also had a chocolate bar (Enjoy Life, they're a bit of a guilt free pleasure for me...gluten free, dairy free, soy free chocolate.) I also had some wine and two helpings of dinner annddddd a bowl of cereal....

So, like I said...I was not the picture of success yesterday. I had a lot of negative energy swimming around in my head from some internal stress...but I have decided to focus on the small victories for now. Yesterday I ran 4 first mile of those 4? I ran in 9mins and 8 seconds. Channeling the negative energy helped.

Just ignore the 2.78 miles that followed that first mile! haha!! 

I did go on to run 6 miles this morning. I am still 2 pounds outside of my goal range. Which doesn't help when you run 6 miles...let me explain...

I get SO hungry when I push myself on a run, and today was no exception. So for lunch I ended up eating quite a bit but it was all portion sized and healthy, there was lots of it though. HAHA!!
 While eating my giant lunch full of vegetables and protein I got a text from Iron Woman. She's been talking to a lot of the experienced runners who stated that "this time frame before out half marathon is brutal!That even the seasoned runners were saying that the point we're at right now is very difficult on the body and it becomes monotonous and that what we're experiencing is normal!"

That's good news right? LOL! That our crappy moods and not great run times and the reaction we are having to training is totally normal!

Reminds me of that bible verse Psalm 30:5

We have to endure the bad before the good. We have to keep going until we push through till we see the dawn. This is what separates us from exercising and training. This is what makes us become warriors.

Keep fighting. Keep your chin up, your head high, and channel your strength from within. You can push past everything that is making life difficult. The only thing you have to do is to keep going. Conquer your goals. Move past the pit of mud, don't just climb the brick wall, scale it! Overcome it all.

Just. Keep. Moving. Forward. We live to fight on another day.

Blessings Everyone,