Small Victories Part 2 or 3?

I've posted about focusing on small victories before...but haven't really had a dedicated post about it. Today's is just that day.

Friday was great! I made pretty decent choices when Mr. Goe & I had date night. I did well with portion control, and making smart choices. Grilled Tilapia & broccoli. But then Saturday I fell back into that "oh, I'm running 10 miles on Sunday so I can just eat whatever I want, no big deal!"
False! Says the extra piece of pizza I had. My stomach hurt this morning when I got up at 6am.

However, I did set my alarm, got up early, and got at it. Yesterday I successfully completed a level two "kettle bell" workout (with a dumb bell) and sweat like a pig! The sailors wife, Iron woman, and myself successfully completed a great run this morning. With Iron Woman and I coming 3 minutes under our goal pace. We are shooting for under a 2hr 30minute time for the half marathon.

I'm still dealing with a bit of stress, and I have been having a hard time staying out of the bad carbs. (The pizza, the biscuits, french fries, popcorn...) naturally I am craving chocolate right now because my body is converting the carbs to sugar...all I want is sugar. SUGARRRRRRR!!!!!!

I am trying to remember how far I have come and to stop reminding myself that sometimes it's okay to cave. It's just not okay to hide behind sugar when dealing with issues...OH! I just remembered there's chocolate almond milk in the fridge!!! SUCCESS!!!!

....I'll be back...

AAaahhhh, yeah, that hits the spot.

Cheers everyone to whatever small victory you choose to celebrate today. Whether it's running 10 miles in 1 hr 51 minutes, or if it's choosing chocolate almond milk OVER M&M's, celebrate the small stuff.

Blessings Everyone,