Sunday Runday 11 miles

I was slightly nervous about heading out on the 11 mile track this morning. It helped that Iron Woman wanted to start later rather than at 6:45am. We began our adventure just after 8:30am looped our way through the city, and the local college through an awesome park where we stopped for an impromptu photo opportunity.

Because, why not take photos in the middle of a run?

This time last year I was in the midst of making some major changes in my life. It's really when I had started the diet, or was about 5 months into it, and I had just changed jobs. On top of all of that, personally Labor Day weekend was just a mess for me last year. I couldn't help but think of the differences between that Sunday run last year, and this mornings run. 

Last year I had gotten up and just ran because I needed to. I needed to shake off stress, some darkness, and to try and run towards something more positive. I had gotten up, laced up my shoes and kissed the Hubby goodbye, and off I went. From my front porch and back again. I ran through a cramp, and ended up straining my hamstring which reached down into my knee. I didn't record my miles, but I had done somewhere around 4. 
In the middle of that run I had stopped to take a few photos. To search for the light that I needed to see. 

From last years run.

This year, as I woke up, I couldn't help but think of the stark differences 1 year can make. Not only am I 12lbs down from this time last year, but this year as I got up & kissed the man goodbye, I knew how long I'd be gone. "See you in a couple hours" I said as I kissed him goodbye. 11 miles, I knew I'd be gone well over 2+ hours. 
I had spent some time last night nerding out on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. As I was watching the movie I looked to Samwise Gamgee for some inspiration and Frodo Baggins, as they had the most difficult journey, arguably. The two tiniest of hobbits set out to take down Mordor. It was Frodo's words that helped remember the difference between this years run and last years. 

And then this scene...

When you are stuck in a rut, having a hard time losing the weight, have succumb to yet another day of over indulging, over eating, you can lose hope when it comes to fighting for your health. You may feel like you can't seem to make the right choices. Eating healthy is hard. Being healthy is hard. 
Or if you've just a bad negativity bug, or your going through something incredibly stressful and it doesn't seem like it won't get better, I can tell you if you just keep going, it will.

Remember the hobbits. They had a purpose. To destroy the ring. It nearly killed them. They nearly failed. 
But nearly, doesn't mean they did.

It just means like all of us, they almost didn't make it. Just keep going, until the ring is in the fire. Till you achieve your goals. It might take you a year, 3 years, 6 years, but just keep going. You will get there. The more determined you are, the more you want it, the closer you'll get. Keep at it. 

You don't have to run to enjoy all that healthy living has to offer. But you do have to keep progressing and going forward. 
Don't be afraid to move mountains in your healthy habits and healthy lifestyle. Your body will thank you. Your mind will thank you. You will gain confidence, determination, self-love. 
You have so much to gain when you dedicate the time to yourself. 

I've been asked how I motivate myself everyday. The truth is, I just have clearly defined goals that I have to remind myself of every day...and sometimes every hour especially when faced with the...COOKIES!!!
LOL...although after burning 1,200+ calories on an 11mile run...I earned the treats I had today!!! I made sure to stick with serving sizes, and kept to a mostly allergen friendly diet.

Good luck everyone. Have fun at your labor day parties tomorrow. Remember serving sizes. Remember your goals, remember to load up on fruits, vegetables, and protein before diving into the treats. Also...don't forget the water! Drink lots of water. 

Blessings everyone,