Tapering Has Officially begun!

We're headed into the last two week stretch before race day. Only 17 days left. Okay so more like 2 and a half weeks. Either way, we've started tapering. I heard a rumor that tapering can be rough...

At 17 days out, I am energized. After talking to two runners who have actually completed marathons themselves, they inspired me to not sell myself short. That I in fact did just run 11 miles on Sunday & that I should stop psyching myself out before I even do the run. I have been dreading this 12 mile run this Sunday. Dirt Roads. Hills. But who cares if I have to walk parts of it? I mean...I do, but still...I know I have the power and drive within me to complete this, to see this through to the end. 
I also had this amazing dream the other night about crossing the finish line and hugging all of my family. Starting an early taper also makes me think that the race is SO MUCH closer & I feel ready...

But, I will check back with you on my attitude this time, next week. Ha!

Training today consisted of a 1/2mile warm up, 1/2mile cool down and 4 miles at 9:30 each with a bit of walking in between.

I'm slightly competitive so when Iron Woman sent me her times from last night when she did her run, at night, in the God awful humidity...I felt compelled to try and beat her time. Haha...sorry Iron Woman...you were my inspiration!!!

Either way...this was my run today!

All under 9mins 55 seconds!! So I didn't quite hit the consistent 9min 30second mark, but hey...it's my first half okay!
I did also stop to take a picture at the top of mile 3 for these guys...

2 of them...just as I came around the bend. The beauty in nature and these two baby fawns needed to be admired. It took me a few seconds to register that they were just staring there watching me, but I went ahead and tried to snag a picture anyway, of course as I got closer they bolted...that was my cue to finish out my last two miles.

Okay, I know it's Thursday & I know I haven't posted a new recipe in a while...I've been busy being an awesome runner...clearly...LMBO! Soooo, I haven't created anything truly awesome this week but I did discover these food tips for tapering week from active.com. Check out the article here.

Hope you enjoy.