Thoughts from a Run

I am not even sure I can remember ALL of the thoughts I had on my 12 miler, but as I am gearing up to run another 5 miles today some of them have been coming to me...most of my thoughts consisted of something like this...

Alright...mile 1. You can do this. Let's run 2 miles, walk 1. 

Only 2 loops. Just 2. Only 2. 

Oh fun! Look Red is with me. 

Oh! I better not let her get to far ahead. I don't want her to get hit by any cars...that would be great wouldn't it? "Hey Auntie...I accidentally got your dog killed" That would NOT be a fun conversation. I should call her name.

"Red! Red! Red!" And suddenly this song was in my head.

"Red! You're to far ahead"

This is so beautiful! Oh wow! Look at all the geese leaving that pond. How gorgeous is this? The weather is a bit cold, but I might getting hot...maybe I should take off my long sleeve shirt.   

WAWHOO! Mile 4. Only 8 miles left. I've ran 8 miles before. Oh gosh! I CAN DO THIS!
I better walk to save some energy...just in case.

You know? I should really stick to the right side of the hill so on coming trucks won't be surprised by me but passing trucks will see me from further away...although...
 Lori Grimes crashed into ONE zombie during the apocalypse...when there was ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER CARS ON THE there's that. 
Hope there's no Lori's on the road today.

Somewhere around mile 5 I did zone a little bit, that perfect state of zen that only running can bring...but it didn't last long.

"RED! RED!!!" That dog is going to make my cousins hate me if she dies. 

Mile 5: Oh look! Cheerleaders, just for me!

"MOO! MOO!" Hahhaaa, I wonder what cows think I say when I moo back? I'm sure they think I'm speaking Mandarin.

Mile 6: Alright. WATER BREAK! FINALLY WAWHO!!! Good thing I have water on the porch and protein balls ready to eat.  I better not take my long sleeves off, it's still kind of cold. I can always roll my sleeves up.

*instrumental break*

Mile 6:

My running partner and I trying to chase my aunt & her hubby on their 4 wheelers. 
"I can catch them! I can't. But that was fun."


Oh can't see it. She was fast! (I realize a mantra here would have been be fast, fast like a deer!) But, I decided to walk this upward hill..quickly. ;)

Mile 7: Zen State again. Only 5 miles left. I've TOTALLY run 5 miles before. I can SO do this. 

Mile 8: Red sure is slowing down. I haven't had to yell at her in a while...but if a dog with only 3 legs can run 3 miles so can I.
OH LOOK! My hubby!!! He's so sweet!!!

"Water?" Produces water bottle from pocket. I flash him a mega watt smile & say "You're my hero, thank you!"

I've totally run MOST of these 8 miles so far...I should slow down so I have enough energy to make it to the end.

Hubby:: "You're slowing down" (Insert frowny face in his direction.) Me: "Going to walk this hill"

Hmmm, hmmm....good music...this is where Red started running closer to my feet "RED!" I point with disgruntled look on face. 

I got to the top the hill & coasted down. That's when it hit me...I should be at mile 9 by now. Check GPS on phone...STOPPED TRACKING AT MILE 8.5!!! I HATE LIFE!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! GPS ON MY PHONE SUCKS!!! GRRRR!!!!!


I better run further out on this side of the loop, that way I don't have to finish on an up hill. 

Almost done, keep going. I put to many songs on my play list. Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip...I need to reorganize my play list, get rid of some songs. I bet I'm around mile 11. Time to turn around and finish this out!!!

Keep going. One foot in front of the other. You can do it. Almost done. Just push. Move those feet. 
Run the chorus, jog the regular lyrics. 
Almost done...LOOK! There's the house. There's the hill, you can do this!!!!

Woooooo!!! 12 miles. 

Oh yeah...I'm ready to run this half. So excited!!

I guess I remembered about 90% of my thoughts...has me psyched to get out for my 5 goes...I need to go...going, maybe not as psyched. 
I'll post more food stuff tomorrow...

So far today I've had:: 1 medium kiwi, 2 fried seasoned eggs, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 1 pouch of oatfit cinnamon apple, 1 packet of Yoli passion. 
Lunch will consist of left overs from yesterday. Dinner tonight will probably be fish again...or burgers...not sure which but no carbs...possibly quinoa. With oven roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. 
Snacks are the same as yesterday: 1 apple with almond butter & the Enjoy Life No Nuts "trail mix".

Aright everyone...I'm off to run!