Your Excuse is Invalid

The other day I was in Core class at my gym & I noticed one patron was using portable oxygen during class.

This guy was down on his mat, kicking his legs and doing crunches just like the rest of us. All while attached to a nasal cannula (Not going to lie, I had to look this up, it's the tube that connects to the tank and then hooks into the nostrils) It made me think about how I almost, just barely, thought about skipping class yesterday, because I was "too tired" to go to the gym.

After realizing that not only was he NOT afraid to be at the gym because he wasn't "in shape", but he also was hooked to an oxygen concentrator!! Instantly, all of those "Your Excuse is Invalid" posters started flashing through my head... you know...these ones...(photo credits are included in the pictures)

Then I discovered these...

And this inspiring story...

This is Barbie, she lost both of her arms when she was 2 and a half years old. "She did not let this tragedy stop her from eventually getting into fitness and competing in figure competitions, as well as fit modeling" (Muffin Top-Less)

Check out Barbie's Web page over at Fitness Unarmed. She has an amazing biography. She had climbed up a giant transformer as a kid and in the process burned both of her arms all the way to the bone. Her mothers faith and promise to God helped her to become "the somebody" she was meant to inspiration to the world. 
Remember yesterday's post? Even She struggles with emotional eating!

When I am tired and feel like giving up or feel like I can't push through a difficult training day, although these are all normal, it's good to remember that everyone is fighting a battle. 
That I am not alone, that I too can accomplish what others can accomplish. 

I shouldn't let anything stand in my way of achieving my dreams. No matter what they are. 

Good luck everyone! Here's a toast to you & your dreams. May you accomplish with the fierce compassion, and determination, to see everything you wanted come to life.