Busy, Busy Lady

I apologize for my absence over the weekend! It was totally unintentional. The weekend was hectic between celebrating my brothers birthday with an amazing run

& getting the backyard/basement figured out...

("What's goin' on mom?")

I think now is the first time I may have actually sat down for longer than 10minutes without having something to do...

The run was amazing. It was to support the Susan G Komen Foundation

We ran for those who we knew had fought the battle & those who were fighting. Everyone I know so far that has fought breast cancer, has won. How blessed am I to say that? Unfortunately this ugly disease does take lives, and we remembered those, who have not met, who did lose. We are blessed to have been able to participate.

The flooding in the basement is better...it is going to be a months long project...at least, but we've made progress. The prayers have helpful. Thank you! So far costs have been low, my stress is okay.

I have a confession though. I was a total hypocrite all weekend. I can't even begin to tell you how much sugar I consumed. It is easily the hardest thing to lose control over. Sugar is so addicting and once I have a little... I have to have a lot. I need to work on balance.
Lifting and finding a balance with eating sugar are my new priorities.

Planning out my food always helps! Although on vacation I didn't have a plan for anything I was eating. I had a few good days, but mostly bad days. It's not totally just about maintaining my weight, which I have done but it's about being consistent with my diet. I'm back at work this week & noticing that what I am eating is satisfying me. I had 2 eggs with a spinach, blueberry, almond milk, vegan protein powder & chia seed smoothie for breakfast.
For lunch I had a chiptole salad, no sauce or dressing, and no cheese. I did have guacamole. I am more thirsty today then hungry and haven't felt a need to snack a whole lot today. But I noticed, I don't feel deprived. I am not starving. I am not hungry.
I won't eat dinner until late tonight around 9pm, so I will have a snack in the next hour or so.
I need to start paying attention to HOW the food makes me feel. I confessed to a friend how grumpy and tired and moody I was after eating ALL OF THE SUGAR. The mind, body, food connection is no joke. Finding a balance is going to be my goal heading into the later part of this year.

I also have gotten off track with my exercising habits these last two weeks.
Yesterday morning I completed 5 rounds of this workout. It was tough during but not exhausting after. A decent happy medium.

So here's to getting back on track and not letting bad habits sneak back in!

Blessings everyone,