The Day Before the Extraction

Tomorrow is the day of the wisdom teeth removal surgery. I'm not totally freaking out but I am certainly ready to just be vegging on my couch in sweat pants for a few days straight. Oddly enough the biggest thing I am worried about is not the pain but the fact that I might act loopy after the surgery & say or do something embarrassing.

But that's life, right? Just need to sit back and enjoy the ride at this point. I've got almost everything put together. I have my snacks packed & food ready to go, movies rented. I still have to do a few last minute things. Like pack my bag for my parents, as I will stay at their place immediately following the surgery until the hubby comes to get me.

In the process of trying to make sure I'll be eating a SOMEWHAT balanced diet and eating only soft foods I made applesauce!

I finally found a use for some of those apples I have been wanting to use! I froze them in zip lock bags, there were 3 quart sizes and 3 gallon sizes. I used the 3 quart sizes bags, tossed them in a crock pot and set it on low over night.

A good 8 hrs or the morning when I woke up it looked like this!

I puree the apples in the blender, only made about 3 cups of apple sauce or sauce. I also added about a 1/4 cup...probably less...maybe 1/8 cup of 100% organic maple syrup and a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. The apple sauce was tart but so worth it. I unfortunately do not have nutritional information on it :(

I left the skins on mine, out of pure laziness, I really enjoy simple easy to use recipes, and after talking to two of my clients yesterday who ALSO left the skins on their apples, I figured I would give it a shot. Now it sits in my fridge waiting to be consumed over the next four days.

In an effort to also keep with a high protein diet...which will be nearly impossible this weekend...I have stalked up on gluten free soups. 2 tomato and basil's, 1 vegetable noodle soup, 1 chicken rice soup. You can find them usually in the natural/organic section in any food store. I bought mine at Bakers(Kroger) & Hyvee. (You can find the Wolfgang Puck at Walmart, I included the links) I will also make two protein smoothies tonight, as well as put a scoop of protein powder in oatfit hot cereal for breakfast stuff.
I'm feeling prepared!....ish.

I did also purchase coconut ice cream. Dairy & Soy free! It is from the So Delicious brand. Very, VERY good ice cream!

I think I have also decided I am going to take this image...apply it to my husband...and just rest until I get to see him tomorrow night! LOL

I may or may not post tomorrow, just depends on how I feel. I did make an awesome chili recipe that I will plan to share with you on Friday or Saturday.

Alright everyone,