I attempted Mac & Cheese last night...it was NOT my best choice. In fact I had to use some gauze because I started bleeding...ugh! I need to try to keep a more positive attitude. I can still eat all the mashed potatoes in the world...but who can live off of mashed potatoes?? I think I might just have more ice cream. LOL...

I haven't been taking my metformin because I wasn't eating whole lot, I was trying...but when I actually plugged in what I ate into myfitnesspal the calories didn't quite add up to 2,000...which is fine since I am not doing much as far as activity, but here's the deal...

While most people are consuming liquids and end up losing a BUNCH of weight after having their teeth pulled...I have gained 2lbs. I am not freaking not, because 2lbs is nothing but I am just pointing out this is what a life of PCOS is like. If I can't control my diet, then I can't control my PCOS.
Okay, so the ice cream hasn't helped...lol, but so far it's been worth it. Kind of. This week will throw my system off, that I think I had actually got regulated but I know I'll be able to bounce back. Just a constant game I play trying to help my hormones get balanced.

I have been having a lot of Sun Warrior Protein to try to get as much protein as possible. I also have started eating SOFT scrambled eggs for more protein. I wisk 2 eggs and 2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk together with some seasonings, saute in olive oil until cooked. It's a soft consistency, and easy to swallow, I also don't have to chew!

Still not really up for much exercising. I have stuck to a gluten and soy free diet but I added in dairy to get more protein. Hence the ice cream.

After grilling my hubby a BIG JUICY STEAK last night, I am planning my first solid food meal...chicken...fried...steak...paleo style!

Here is the recipe I plan to use...Grain Free Chicken Fried Steak, it looks amazing and I can't wait to actually eat some BEEF!

Before I went in for surgery I did make Paleo Chili. I used to HATE the smell of chili. It always smelled, quite honestly, like roasted vomit. Sorry for that description. However, after radically changing my diet and seeing everything this recipe included, I was chomping at the bit to try it.
With the weather turning colder this was the perfect thing to make. I will be making it again once I can EAT. AGAIN!!!

I did add beans to this, which makes it NOT paleo...but my hubby asked for them, so I allowed it.
I will be making a shake later which I will spoon feed...to myself...I'll post the recipe tomorrow after I figure out what I want to concoct.

I need to get ready for the day. Love you all. Thank you for the continue healing prayers.