Inspiring Sports Movie Quotes

When can I start working out? According to LiveStrong since I'm a bit "malnourished" from not eating a well balanced diet its best to either NOT workout or if I do feel like taking on the world, then keep it light. Like a walk or a bit of light house keeping.
I doubt will be up to anything today. I have started a load of laundry and will at some point do the dishes. For now, I'll just watch the most woman empowering movie in a America of the world of sports...A League of Their Own. (Check out this website with even more inspirational women's sports movies.)

For now, get moving...move for you...move for me...because I can't, WAHHHHH!!!! LOL...Get to those goals and stick to it!

Sports are a great idea. Join a league! Between practice, training, and games it is a great way to stay in shape. It can be anything from league football, league baseball, racket ball, TENNIS! All great things that get you going, keep you focused, and reaching for that next goal.
Okay, so the last two movie quotes aren't from sports movies about girls but still, if these movies don't motivate you...then you aren't watching them right!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone...I'm really hoping my Bronco's play better today...
I am torturing my nephew with the League of their own"'s a girl movie."

"It's a GREAT girl movie about SPORTS! and Women!"

He sure is deep into a movie he thinks is a "girl movie"...teaching him things! I'm the best aunt ever! YESSS! LOL...does it count if I declare myself that?

I did go for a may have been to the ice shop but at least I got out and walked today. Laundry is almost done, and dishes have been unloaded and loaded. Not bad for only a few days out from WISDOM TEETH SURGERY!

Anyway, I have to go encourage homework doing.
Blessings Everyone,