My menu this week + recipes

This last week I had a lot to buy at the grocery store, so creating meals that could double was top priority. This week, lots of dinner meals doubled as lunch meals...I've actually had Paleo Crock Pot Chili  for 4 days now. Haha, I liked it, everyone at worked enjoy the smell of it. Once for dinner and 3 times for lunch.
It's a lifestyle choice, I guess, lol.

For breakfast I typically have the same basic stuff every morning. 3 eggs whites, 1 whole egg. If I am working out I will have oatfit, with apple and almond butter. If I am NOT exercising that morning or have a light workout I skip the oatfit. It's low in carbs and sugar. However, it's satisfying and keeps me fuller as well as energizes me for my workouts. If I have time on Sundays/Mondays I will make batch waffles/pancakes.
A typical "Sunday" breakfast for me & the Mr.

I'll start with Dinner, since MOST of my lunch recipes are left overs.

*Thursday night we had stir fry. I used brown rice Asian noodles sauteed chopped chicken in olive oil in black pepper/salt/parsley. Once chicken was thoroughly cooked I added a bag of frozen stir vegetables, cooked to done, separated the meat/vegetable mixture onto two plate. Topped the Mr.'s with teriyaki sauce while I topped mine with coconut amino's...which taste like soy sauce but it's not!

*We had shrimp with ancient harvest quinoa pasta last night, a dab of pesto and olive oil. Top with sauteed diced red onion and red peppers, as well as 1 slice of bacon, and broccoli. It was delicious...this unfortunately doesn't have enough for left overs :( it was amazing though!

*Crock pot whole chicken, is on tonight's menu! This will be left over for lunch tomorrow, but I am interested in creating bone broth. I will need to get something to store and freeze the broth but I am searching for a good recipe for this, if you have any!

*Chicken Bake- this will be tomorrow night's dinner recipe. I still have carrots, potatoes, garlic, onion from tonight's Crock pot whole chicken...I feel resourceful. Hehee

 The rest of the week will go like this paleo crock pot shredded Mexican chicken, sweet potato sloppy Joe's, and taco salad (ground beef/homemade taco seasoning/mixed peppers/onion/tomatoes/jalapenos/black beans ((not paleo)) lettuce, salsa, possibly sweet potato chips)

For I said earlier, I had a lot of chili! Don't Judge Me! Lol! Earlier in the week I posted my recipe for Pumpkin Protein Pancakes, those were SUPER good! Really hit the spot and kept me full for a while. Other than that, most of the dinner menus will stretch to lunch, but my other lunch meal for this next week will be Quinoa Taco Bowl this recipe I will cut out the cheese, olives, and I will add my own seasonings...possibly add enchilada sauce, plus beef.

I also make sure I have plenty of snack food since I eat like a hobbit. Snacks this week included pears with almond butter, pumpkin seeds, coconut or almond milk with protein powder, and sliced turkey.
Chia Protein Balls, and Pcos Breakfast cookies
Desserts this week are all in the freezer- that way I don't feel tempted to just snack and snack and snack. But, desserts are King Arthur Brownies (already made, just frozen in the freezer), pumpkin bars (same deal).

Alright everyone...I gotta get off of here...I'll post tomorrow night too!