Paleo Coconut Waffles

I'm back!!! YAY! INTERNET!!!! ...Well...I am at my brothers house anyway...brought the laptop and I am ready to blogggg!!! YAY!!!!

LOL...I didn't get the pictures from my new years resolution list, but after talking with a client yesterday, I really and truly believe that the best way to Keep a new years resolution...or rather any goal, is to make a list and check it regularly.
It really helped having mine on a clipboard next to my bed. It was a reminder to keep at my goals.

The second part of the keeping goals. Tell someone about them...but make sure you tell someone who will be supportive & if you honestly run across jealously, let it go. If you run across someone who says you can't, let go of those don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

 Planning ahead is the next biggest thing! Specifically when it comes to health and fitness. By planning meals ahead of time, creating a menu and sticking to that shopping list will really help too. I will take a picture of my menu for this last week tonight & post it on Tuesday & include some if not all the recipes.
One thing I really enjoy doing, yet don't quite get to, is to do batch cooking. I made waffles the other day, popped them in the toaster this morning and went on to my next task. It's perfect, quick, it with almond butter & you've got yourself the perfect recipe.

Paleo Coconut Waffles
4 tbsp olive oil (you could probably use equal amounts of coconut oil for a different yet equally delicious flavor)
6 eggs
1/2 tsp stevia glycosides (Check out Mark's Daily Apple on his primal opinion. I used stevia because it's low carb, otherwise feel free to stick to agave nectar or honey)
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/3 cup coconut flour

Mix your choice oil, 6 eggs, sweetener, and sea salt together first. I used a handheld mixer to mix. Once eggs are blended add baking soda and coconut flour, I also added about 2tsp of cinnamon, mixed until there were no lumps.

Once the waffle iron was heated up & greased with olive oil (I always avoid the spray on's...just because of the chemicals & a lot of them have soy in them) then poured 1/4cup of batter onto the waffle iron. My waffle iron only makes 2 at a time, the entirety of the batter made 6 waffles.
They were really good. Worth it. I ate mine with eggs, mixed peppers/onions, topped the waffles with almond butter and sliced apples.
Breakfasts like that really make me feel like I'm queen of the world. Perfect way to start the day!
The waffles freeze great & are perfectly fitted for any toaster & make for a quick grab and go breakfast.
You can also cook eggs in the microwave...not the greatest texture but it's quick and if you put it in a mug, you can grab and go. I put two eggs in one giant mug, add garlic powder/onion powder/black pepper/parsley to taste cook for 30secs on high, pull out and mix, then pop back in microwave for another 30secs. I don't do this method often, but when I need to, I do.
You have your paleo toaster waffle, egg in a mug. Low sugar/carb. High protein. Dairy/Gluten/Soy Free!!!

Viola, breakfast on the go.

Alright everyone, thank you for being patient with me & my limited internet access!! Enjoy your breakfast making.
I will post again later this week!



Anonymous said…
I used to try and make a double batch of pancake batter on Sunday's so we could have them again during the week without the hassle, but I got out of the habit! It is a really good idea!