Sunday Runday

Today was my first "real" run since probably about October. I've always heard the saying dress 20 degrees warmer than it is outside (when running). At 25 degrees when I checked my phone, I thought "oh that wont be so bad, I've run in colder." Then when I saw that the weather had warmed after church to 32 degrees, I thought, "SWEET! It'll be like running in 52 degrees!"
So, I set out on my first cold weather running adventure for the season.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why that first mile sucked.

1. It was cold
2. I was frozen
3. It was my first real sun since October.

I always forget how tough the first mile is sometimes. Part of my brain is still being a whiny child. Even after stretching and trying to warm up for the run itself my coordination is always off in the first mile. Eventually my muscles warm, my rhythm sets in, and I find myself willing my mind to make my body keep going.

Today was a bit of a mental battle, the whiny child was also moaning and saying 'you can't, it's to cold, just two miles...just do a mile and a half.'

 Well, I'm officially signed up for the Superbowl Run on the 1st, so there's no backing down now. Setting goals, such as running another 5k, or whatever goal/event you might have coming up or have planned, is what keeps you moving. Honestly, if I wasn't planning on doing this run with my dad then I probably wouldn't have run today. I might have run on the treadmill and only for about a mile or two, but nothing like what I got done today. Set a goal, work towards it. (Do you like my photo? LOL, I was standing it was Freezing!!)

Today, I got 3.2 miles in in just under 31minutes. My brain is set on a nice gentle coast and I am enjoying sitting under a warm blanket before the game starts.Speaking of that...I need to get ready! GO BRONCOS!



I don't know how you run outside when it's that cold! I truly can't imagine!
Amanda Goe said…
LOL! I did question my sanity during the first mile but once I warmed up I felt much better!