Day 2: Research

Today's mindful Monday post is brought to you by the power of research. I did some homework over the weekend and really figured out the cost of shopping at Sam's club versus the stores I was shopping at mindlessly.
I've also done more research into the Whole 30 diet. I think for now, I am going to wait to do the whole 30 experiment until a later date. Here is their basic list of "rules"
 I am however considering the 21 Sugar Detox. Whole30 is great, if you are looking to make MAJOR changes in your life. Eating healthy. Eating well. Even losing some weight, shedding fat.
Those are all incredibly great things.

I am pretty healthy. Probably the healthiest I've been in my entire life. So why do I need an incredibly restrictive diet?

I don't. I just need to conquer my PCOS. I want to remain gluten/dairy/soy free. But what I'd like to is start transitioning to a grain free diet where sugar can sometimes crop up and wreck havoc on my digestive system. After doing more research on the 21 Sugar Detox I think this is the best way for me to go...or to naturally head.     

I read this really great article on the Dirty Floor Diaries about a specific diet for women with PCOS. So, the adventure will start this week. The 21 Day Detox is only $10 on my nook.

I will keep you appraised as to when I am able to download the book.

Blessings everyone, hope you had better weather than we did...I'm totally crashing...definitely bed time.