Runners Don't Quit, but races do get postponed

My pa & I were suppose to run this morning, but after an early morning email, the race has been put off until next Sunday...everything has been prepped. My bags are still packed, my clothes still neatly piled and ready to go.

So what is a girl to?

A good 6 inches at least. It started snowing yesterday at around noon...and's finally stopped mid morning! It's pretty crazy out there.

For now, it's me & the puppy girl sitting on the couch while I do more research and plan for my giant Sam's club Paleo run.

Anyway...I'm off to attempt to paint the computer room on this snow filled day.

Can I get a yay for being productive?

Well kind of...I've managed to slowly knock out dishes & laundry...but I've got 4 episodes of Elementary done! P.s. Probably one of the only people NOT watching the Super Bowl tonight because our satellite is down from all the sports! Do the thing with the ball!

Blessings everyone,