Day 1: Again... Again...

If you can't tell from the title, it turns out I accidentally consumed added sugar...again. This time in the form of processed meat. I quickly read through the label not stopping to think to that Dextrose was sugar...I'm not sure what I thought it was...but I picked up the meat as a better option then say ICE CREAM, which is what everyone ELSE was having, on Saturday night.
I thought  "I'm making great decisions. Meat, fruit. Protein, low glycemic fruit! I'll have blueberries & sliced turkey." (Don't knock the combination till you try it.) I looked it up on Fooducate on Sunday...turns out the meat product didn't give ALL of ingredients. I should have known better than to buy that brand, but we I wasn't able to stop at a place that had higher quality meat so I took the best option and went for it.

Will it kill me? No. But it did negate my detox reset clock. And let me tell you how hard it's been to talk myself out of having a glass of wine lately...Really. Hard.

Really. Hard.

I'm sorry...I'm supposed to be talking us all into not consuming sugar...good thing there isn't actually wine in my house otherwise, I'd be telling you Day 1 again, again, again...while I did make it to day 4 before this crazed incident I am hoping I can make it two whole weeks but the way things are shaping up I'll be doing some wine aerobics in no time.

Today's post is really about, being stressed out. Trying to make changes for the better in your life and then, one thing happens and suddenly it becomes the Cha-cha of life.
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Day 1 Again...again, is officially wrapped and I am exhausted. I'm going to keep trying to not consume added sugar, but if all else fails, I did my best. It's really all about education and preparing for the journey.

In case you need a lift this song has been stuck in my head all day. I absolutely love it. It's upbeat & after having recently purchased & downloaded it to my phone, I'm REALLY looking forward to one of my first "warmer weather" runs tomorrow morning. Just for me. Purely to let my legs fly & my lungs to breath deep. To clear my head. And to feel new.

Lincoln Brewster- Made New

 Blessings Everyone,