Day 1...again

Here goes, day 1 again!

I started the day off right. 4 egg whites, with 5 cherry tomatoes, and 3 diced mini peppers. I also had gluten free oatmeal with 1/2cup blueberries, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg as well as almond extract.

I am feeling more encouraged today & ready to tackle this detox...again.
I thought of another benefit to the detox...clearing up my acne some more. I've been on a pretty good regime so far so it's keeping the cystic acne down, but still a lot of scarring and redness left. I am on a regular routine at the salon though for facials and peels & I'm pretty pleased with the progress but detoxing should help it out even more!

Before I get started on the rest of my day (i.e. going to the gym & then work) I am going to post what my meal plan will look like over the next week. I am going to do it a little differently though, I am just going to group them by meal versus break it down by day. Hoping it'll be easier to type it out that way...and it keeps me honest because same does I don't cook what I say I'm going to cook, sometimes I switch meals out depending on how much time I have or if I get way laid at work or something...whatever...

Okay! Here goes Days 1-9 of my Sugar Detox!

Breakfast- 4 fried egg whites in olive olive-seasoned to my taste (basically parsley, garlic, onion, black pepper) + 3 diced mini sweet peppers + 5 cherry tomatoes, I am going to try the apple stresul muffins-but I will post the recipe after I try them. I plan to eat these with 4 egg whites. Cinnamon coconut pancakes + 4 egg whites & veggies.

Am Snacks: Almond butter + Apple + Unsweetened coconut flakes, grapes + mixed nuts, hard boiled eggs + carrots, roasted chick peas, going to attempt another smoothie recipe-will post once I try it.
(Snacks are pretty simple, I try to keep them basic.)

Lunch: 4 meals will be left overs, 2 meals will be pan fried chicken breast plus green beans, (I chop uncooked chicken breast, then place in a pan with olive oil and fry until golden brown and juices run clear- or temp reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, cook vegetables by your preference, I plan to cook my green beans in the same pan until tender. I season chicken with black pepper, powdered onion & garlic) the last 2 meals will be chicken salad-- 2 tbsp almond butter, 1 cooked & shredded chicken breast, 3 tbsp chopped red onion, 1/4 cup red grapes, 1 chopped green apple, 2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp dill, 1 tsp parsley.

Pm Snacks: Hard boiled eggs + walnuts, chips + hummus or avocado hummus, Beef jerky, pumpkin seeds, hard boiled eggs + a vegetable

Dinner: Mini Mexi-Meatloaves, Taco salad (I'll post this recipe next next), Salmon + vegetable...possibly quinoa, Nacho Pot Pie (I didn't get to this recipe last week, but since I have the ingredients I put it back on the menu this week) Date night for our anniversary & a night out with a friend! (The book covers how to eat out while detoxing. I'll speak more to that on Sunday), Bruschetta Chicken, Paleo blueberry muffins + omelette's + bacon, Egg Basil Tomato Bacon Bake!

Also, a gal at work gave me a GREAT water infusing ideas, since I am not going to be consuming gum-- here are some of my favorites...

Blueberries & Orange:: promotes healthier skin and helps clean free radicals out of your system
Blackberry and Sage:: Supports total relaxation
I also snagged mint and ginger for some good deals & will add those to fruit to make more water infusions! I will keep you posted on these, I'm really looking forward to it!

 (Awesome blog at PFITblog! Check it out, she goes really in depth with training and exercises. Tons of great stuff on this blog!)

Alright, I really gotta get my booty to the gym!

Blessings everyone,