Day 5 of the Detox: Dining Out

I meant to post on Sunday about dining out while do the 21 sugar detox, but wasn't able to get to, since I'll be venturing out again with a friend, I thought I'd touch on some Diane's  tips from her book. She had some basic guidelines for different cuisines such as American, Chinese, Indian, Mexican etc.

I have found, for me, eating mostly "American" food is easier, but maybe I'm uncultured for dining out with allergies/dietary restrictions. Although I have found 1 Japanese food cuisine here in town that tailors to my specific needs & while it's the most AMAZING place to eat, it's also VERY expensive & out of my budget this month.

The basics though? Keep it clean, keep it fresh. Where you see French fries have the steamed or fresh veggies instead. Skip the breads/sandwiches. Call the restaurant ahead of time if need be, but definitely make sure you know the menu well enough.

The best tip, check out the menu ahead of time online because you'll be able to make better decision when not stressed, hungry, and rushed.

1 restaurant that really does great with plan ahead dining is Red Robin. If you head over to the customizer page it will walk you through what you can and can't order depending on what you are trying to avoid, whether it be meat, gluten, dairy, or soy! Although be aware that they do have sugar in the french fry seasoning..although you shouldn't be ordering fries if you're TRULY doing the detox. The wait staff there was awesome the last time I went. I typically avoid mayo because most store bought mayo is made with some type of soybean oil, so it's good to be aware of that as well.
I typically get a fire-grilled burger with a fried egg, bacon, sometimes I get 1 slice of cheese (sometimes!), sliced onion, wrap it in a lettuce wrap order with steamed veggies.
It is really satisfying.

I've learned tricks like that. Before I really knew a lot about what was in salad dressing and condiments I used to order burgers with no buns and a side salad so I could have a cheeseburger salad. On one such occasion we were out to dinner one night with the family and my brother made the remark "I guess you've learned your own tricks huh?" It was pretty funny.

If your people truly love you & don't judge you, they won't make you feel bad for mixing and matching like that.

Today is officially day 5 of my detox. So far so good, I had a craving last night that hit me like a ton of bricks but it was brief and luckily I was looking forward to my taco salad last night, so I wasn't deterred for too long.

Have meals you're excited about & looking forward to eating. You'll feel less panicky and more in control of your cravings when you plan ahead for things you actually like.

Alright everyone, I'm off to do some work. I hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll try to post again tomorrow.