Do the One Thing

A wise woman...probably my mother...once told me, "Do the one thing that makes your world feel like it's not out of balance." That phrase came to me tonight as I was headed into the kitchen to look at the stack of dirty dishes sitting there.
The deal was, I knew I had to sit and write tonight. I was excited about sharing tonight's post, because it's going to be relatively funny, but I had to get my to do list done...or at least situated.

House chores are the worst, but Tuesday when I was pressed for time and had to put together breakfast and lunch for the both of us, knowing the counter was chalk full of dishes overwhelmed me! To the point where I thought I was going to cry. That's stupid right? I mean, they're just dishes. Tonight same deal, I knew I could do them in the morning, but the sheer monstrosity of the disorganization of them consumed a point. (My mother also says I'm melodramatic. It makes me giggle. My words are pretty melodramatic, but not always my thoughts...)
 Just before I started washing my face I took a minute to organize the dishes. Not clean them. Not wash them. But just stack the crusty dishes into neat piles, that way in the morning when I'm making breakfast it will be just that much easier to in the dish washer. (Dish washer's full by the way). 
Anyway, as I'm rubbing apple cider vinegar on my face and looking at the dishes I realize I don't feel guilty at all for the...10 bowls & 5 plates & countless silverware & baking dishes still hanging out on the counter.

Sometimes organizing the mess makes it more manageable. Even if it's still messy. Kind of like putting your thoughts on paper & scratching parts out, yet you still feel better for having cleansed your soul.

I have a doctors appointment coming up for my PCOS and I think, I'm getting nervous about it...okay I'm a lot nervous about it. More so than I probably care to admit & I picked a really wrong time to be blase about my diet. The sugar detox starts tomorrow, I think part of me just wants to eat all the chocolate because I know I won't be consuming any for 21 days.

Think of how my liver will be operating at an (hopefully) optimal level. Not needing to worry about my blood sugar levels. I'm looking forward to seeing how this is going to go...but I also know with detoxing from sugar comesweird dreams will be dreamt, and inevitably some moodiness. I've done it before, I can do it again.

Lately, I just have no motivation to exercise. It's not a chore to get myself to the gym, but it does take a great deal of pep talk to get me up to the gym or even to work out at home. Sometimes all you need is a pick me up.

I bought myself some lifting gloves today at Dicks Sporting Goods. I've never used lifting gloves before, and kind of felt silly wearing them.

I told myself "You're a massage therapist. Calloused hands do not count as tapotement! Wear the they are cute & don't match my purse!" Bazinga!

After lifting today my program called for some cardio. I've been getting on the bike lately because I detest the elliptical. I'M SORRY! DON'T JUDGE ME! It was nice though because getting on the bike allows me to either read my daily devotionals or watch funny videos on YouTube. Have you heard of Tim Hawkins? He's a Christian comedian & he's THE best ever. He is legitimately funny.

This one, is my ABSOLUTE favorite though...

It was quite a lift after lifting...ha ha, pun not intended.

Do the one thing that's going to make you get off the couch & go workout. Do the one thing that's going to help you achieve your dreams of being a happier, healthier, fitter you.

Alright...the detox officially starts in T-Minus 33 minutes. Here goes nothing.

Blessings everyone, hope you got to bed sooner than I did.


Anonymous said…
I love Tim Hawkins!! And that is why I always preferred the bike. That way you can read!!
Amanda Goe said…
He is SOOO funny! I'm almost in love with the bike as much as running...okay not that close. Maybe I just seirously like the bike.
Just like.
Amanda Goe said…
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