A Year in Review Part 1

February was kind of wash with my diet. I ate pretty much anything and everything I wanted. The sugar detox...what parts of it I was able to accomplish though, really helped get me back on track. I have noticed though, as I am going back through old posts, just how much my thinking and diet have changed in just a short year.

I no longer regularly eat dairy I have it only as a "treat" or only on the weekends. It's just a way for me to help monitor how much of it I consume. I noticed right before I did the detox and a little during the detox that I was consuming more dairy than usual. Holy ca-noly did my face EVER break out. I haven't had dairy in about two weeks and wouldn't you know it, my allergies are better and my skin is looking MUCH better.

I really do want to revisit making some protein balls again, or energy bites. Only this time I will be using a vegan protein powder instead of a whey protein powder. I have also been missing my smoothies, such as this one with carrots.

I've also noticed that as Winter transitions to Spring, I'm kind of a moody person! Which is totally weird because it's Spring! It's beautiful! The birds are singing, the grass is greener. Maybe it's just shaking off the cobwebs that winter seems to leave in your soul as it lingers for weeks on end. Then when Spring turns to summer, I up my carbs for the rigorous outdoor activities I start to compete in, and I start popping out easy recipes such as this one, Mexican Chicken salad, looks amazing!

I'm starting to look forward to summer running, and the running events in the city.  I've realized I've been able to tweak some recipes, or find ones that taste a lot better. Health is a journey. If you set yourself up for wanting fast results, you'll either wind up disappointed or the results won't last.

Changing your way of thinking and doing is what is going to change your life.

I've learned, as I've gone back through my blog, that I'm also...still learning to read labels...8 months later.

I've learned that forgiving yourself is a part of life.

I also haven't had these muffins in forever! I should really make them again.

Sometimes, I really get things right. Staying motivated and tricking my brain into heading up to the gym.

I've learned...that health and fitness really is a journey. A life journey.

I've learned that I REALLY enjoy adding movie and tv references into my posts. Everyone has a vice...apparently mine is binge watching TV & movies.

My diet is a series of eating totally healthy and horribly unhealthy, there is little to no middle ground. Which is where I should live...in Middle Earth ground.

I'm still not very technologically inclined...I'm not sure where half of my pictures go in half of my posts. Every once in a while, I get some good ones though.

God is really in control of everything.

That my husband, is the most amazing life partner. He challenges me and drives me crazy but he is equally supportive and loving.

Discovering new food is one of the best ways to enjoy life.

I'm reminded when training of God's ultimate sacrifice. Especially this time of year.

That no mistake will ever be as bad as the Austrain's Army in 1788

I need to make zucchini brownies again.

Trying to achieve New Dreams can be scary. Happiness is a risk. If you aren't even a little bit scared, you aren't doing it right.

There are no excuses.

Don't be afraid to try a vegan meal. It's what really inspired me to keep off the dairy.

I was never more proud of myself than when I was able to cross "running a half marathon" off my bucket list. Thank you for following me on that journey.

Alright everyone, I have to sign out for the day. I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend & I will post again Monday the rest of what I've learned this last year.



I love eating healthy!!! I think it goes hand in hand with working out. The more you do each, the more you want the other :)
Amanda Goe said…
Hey Caroline, thanks for stopping by :)