I'm Gumpy

I think the title of today's post says it all. I don't even want to log my food today.

It's probably because I haven't exercised since last week. Easter was crazy busy...life just isn't slowing down as my as I want it too. I know there is an end in sight though...ish. I made great food decisions today though, so I am going with that.

I didn't get to the part 2 of my year in review, I am hoping to finish that post up tomorrow. In the mean time, remember to celebrate where you are in your journey. Continue to make the small decisions count. High protein, low carb, healthy fat, sneaking in a 15 minute exercise, whatever works best for you and your schedule.

Head over to Body Building for 6 tips To Stay Motivated Through your Transformation. Basically going from couch potato to Beast Mode!

Blessings Everyone, hoping you had a less grumpy day then myself...I am off to log my food.