Mindful Monday: How Many Steps in a day?

Mondays have always been hit and miss as far as exercise. Usually a jam packed day that has me spending more time in my vehicle than on my feet. I only reached about 2,000+ today.

There is a theory that people who walk at least 5,000 steps a day are more healthier than those who do not. The story I heard was a person who went over to England noticed how the tour guides on the double decker bus were more fit than those who drove the bus. This person calculated that the tour guides took about 5,000-10,000 steps on average, because they walked up and down both levels and aisles. 

Check out Live Science  for the health benefits of what 10,000 steps can do for you. The tracker on my Samsung was a nice little reminder that I needed to try and walk around a little more. So tonight after 3 bites into a brownie, I was walking circles around the coffee table while brushing my teeth and watching Bones.

Still didn't quite reach my 6,000 steps goal today, by about 3,500+ steps.

I did however, put the brownie back after 3 bites.

Having the tracker on my phone helped me be incredibly mindful of what my health goals should be today. While it's great having the my fitness pal app for some reason seeing the number on the tracker helped me see my health goals in a more concrete way.

The Samsung was also great because I was able to talk to Ms. America today as well as cook dinner! Check this out, split screen!

Chatting and cooking dinner! I felt fancy...and rich! LOL!

Whether you use a Samsung or a pedometer it's a great way to see how much activity you're getting and if you really need or deserve those 3 bites of the brownie. Do what you can to make your health goals more achievable. Whatever will help make the process a little more easy. Hey, whatever makes you feel fancy ;)

Being mindful of your journey, whether it's making the process easier, squeezing in a few extra steps to help lower blood pressure. Or if you're creating healthy recipes using your phone, being mindful of where you are in your journey will help you appreciate yourself a little more.

Alright...I'm exhausted. Blessings,