Have you heard of this guy?

A client of mine was telling me ALL about him on Tuesday. He's on dancing with the stars, admittedly she said "I never watch the show, or even vote, but I created an account to vote just for him. He can lift his partner WITH ONE ARM!"

If you haven't heard his story, because I hadn't...because apparently I live under a rock...in 2005 while fighting over seas he was injured in an Improvised Explosive Device attack, which resulted in him losing his left arm below the elbow and his left leg below the knee.

After a long stay in rehab he spent some time in the bottle. One night though, he said he took a long look in the mirror and realized there was more to him than his injuries. He is now a personal trainer and motivational speaker. 

A vet, a dad, a survivor, a warrior. This man takes no excuses from any one. (Well..I'm not sure about his kids, lol, but his website says he doesn't take excuses from his clients, his fans, or his followers.)
I see those funny yet inspiring meme's online about not having any excuse for getting fit and healthy. What's holding you back? What are your excuses? Remember this isn't about chasing after "beauty" or the ideal image...you're beautiful already. You're good looking already. People should be attracted to your soul. It's about making your outsides match your insides. It's about being the best that you can be and settling for nothing less. 

Really what is the one excuse that's stopping you from achieving your goals? What are your goals? Your best influence for getting where you want to be, is goal setting. Set your goals, and achieve them. Even if it takes you 5 years.

 Keep going. Keep moving forward.

Pardon the language in this next photo...but it makes sense.

Of course...as long as your excuse isn't, well I just had a heart attack and my doctor says I should wait. That's a pretty good excuse. I am talking about the legitimate crappy excuses you're giving yourself for not showing up, eating healthy, and making it to the gym. For not going for that run when you should have. It's not about having time...it's about making time. 

This last week...maybe month, I was in a HUGE funk. I just had NO drive to want to achieve my goals. Then Saturday, I swear after I pushed myself through one simple yoga routine, then forced myself to eat healthy, I found a little bit of my drive again. Of course I had a cheat day right after that, but the point is, I got back at it. Who cares, how many times you have to start again. Who cares if you took a few days, or a week, or maybe a month due to a broken ankle off. Just get back at it. 

You can do this! 

Seriously, you can do this...even if it takes a while...a long while...you can do this. 

Blessings Everyone,