Sunday, Runday, RunFie

I may have been running late. To the point where I was making my friends wait on me & their kids antsy...which they would probably hurt me physically if they knew I decided to go for a run rather than actually leave my house when I was suppose to.

When I should have been putting makeup on and spraying perform I was heading out of the door in my running gear.

I needed it though. I just am not happy unless I can get a good run in. I may not run every day, but the last time I ran, was last Sunday and I was missing a good run. Especially since the weather, was amazing.

The hubs & I got new phones yesterday & I thought it would be fun to capture a runfie! We got the new Samsung S6's. I'm still confused on how to use most of it's features, because I'm switching from a Motorola. It's a cute phone, takes amazing pictures. You can edit the photo as you're taking it as well as after. Neat options in general. Hoping My pictures for the blog will start to look a little better!

The other app I tried out today was the Samsung S Health. I clicked through the options of "coaching" they had. It would be kind of neat to have an all in one app. An app that tracks my running, my weight lifting, my classes, as well as food, weight...basically record my life.

I'm still tinkering around with it, but I will hopefully give you a more full detailed report on it by next week. I'd like to try and track it for bit but I gave you a thumbs up or thumbs down on it. However, the step tracker widget on the phone was pretty neat! It tracks your steps. I didn't have my phone on me ALL DAY but even with the screen off it tracks your steps. I thought that was pretty cool!

The phone is larger than my last so I "need" a new carrying case for when I run & workout. I'll need to look into that. The sound quality that pumps out of the phone is pretty impeccable. The sound on this phone is a lot clearer than my previous phone. 

It's interesting how much a run can change your attitude. I was more ready to take on the day, to face some girly emotions & conquer the day. This is why I run. It makes me feel better. 

I decided at the end of my run today, that Everything Little Thing Will Be Okay...there's still a long way to go on my current journey for my pcos, but I'm mostly ready to face the day ;)

Alright everyone, thank you for following. I hope you had an amazing Sunday. I know I did.