Throwback Thursday Post

This week is promising to be a crazy ride. Booked solid today at work and tomorrow I have an early appointment. I'll be getting out of bed at the crack of dawn. I might attempt to squeeze in some yoga before hand but we'll see how it goes, as it's going to be a late night too! Yikes!

In the spirit of trying to simplify my life & work smarter not harder...and for the general joy of it, I am going to participate in a Throwback Thursday Post! From a year ago!

A year ago today, I guess I wasn't feeling all that beautiful. Today, I know better. I know I look the best I've ever looked & I also know that I make strides for my health every day. It's not only a process to get healthy & look great, it's a persistent battle to stay dedicated. Some days are better than others, but I know I am more proud of myself today for continually trying new things, for always daring to see the beauty in myself every day.

I've had a pretty great skin regime lately & as I long as I stay away from the dairy or severely limit it, my face doesn't break out NEARLY as much.

First I use a warm wet washcloth to wipe off my makeup. Then I scrub my face with a scrubbing pad with Cetaphil Oil Control Foaming Cleanser.

I then use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to check to make sure I got all my makeup off. If I haven't I wash again. (I'm getting a lot better about scrubbing the gunk off the first time around.) Then I use apple cider vinegar as an astringent dabbed onto a cotton ball, followed by lemon juice on a cotton ball to fade the dark spots. My skin is looking much better. I also will use a mask once a week from Whole Foods, Moroccan Red Clay Powder.  Only 5.99 at the store! And it will last you forever! I also will sometimes use it to spot treat the pimples that do pop up now and again. I also try to get facials fairly regularly, but as long as I don't have to take the drugs from the dermatologist anymore, I'll try just about anything on my face & so far...I'm liking what I am seeing. That and keeping the sugar to a minimum seems to help as well.

 Do what makes you feel more confident. Women especially struggle with this. Feeling beautiful in their own skin. I'm not really sure about the dudes...sorry... :( For me, making sure my skin looks good, goes miles and miles for boosting my self confidence.

For's my Throwback Thursday Post...Definition of Beauty.

You're already beautiful...this is a journey to total health!
Blessings Everyone,