Awesome Buzzfeed List

This got my attention this morning as I was trying to drag my booty out of bed this morning. 10 effortless ways to workout in the morning. 

I thought very adamantly attempting the flutter kicks, but thought I'd probably get a weird look from the hubs if I started my leg workouts first thing upon my eyes opening...I think I'll try it tomorrow. I may be weird...but at least I'm his weirdo ;) haha!

This was actually a great idea, to do 30 push ups straight out of bed. It would keep me up with my goals for training for the Murph in just a few short weeks.

I'd say if I had to pick an exercise that I hate the would probably be lunges. Yep lunges would rank right up there. With this workout though you can lunge walk you way to the bathroom before you start brushing your teeth.

Then while brushing your teeth they suggest doing a wall squat.

We've ironed those legs out and it's hardly time to start think about leaving for work yet! When you're done brushing your teeth add in some cardio, Buzzfeed suggests doing two sets of 20 jumping jacks. You can do this while waiting for your coffee to brew or breakfast to finish cooking. (Provided you eat more than cereal for breakfast.)

Although, maybe hold off on the coffee till you've left the house, water is better during a workout! Drink up!

However, if you can't live without the Joe, use a step ladder to reach for the coffee beans, by doing step ups. Buzzfeed suggests doing 30 step ups.

Time to flip the pancake, scramble the egg, or brew the coffee. Using your step ladder or chair buzzfeed suggests doing 20 tricep dips while you wait for the coffee or for those eggs to finish cooking. 

Time for Cardio Again! Run in place for 30 seconds. If you're feeling brave, make it a whole minute!
You could also switch this up with high knees and butt kicks. 

Buzzfeed's number 9 tip is to do some squats after breakfast, while searching for the right outfit, or if you're like me and wear a uniform, toss in the squats while you wait for the shower to warm up. 

Head over to Buzzfeed to see their last tip for this incredibly effortless workout. I think I might just attempt this tomorrow!

Blessings Everyone,