Late Night Walk

Okay, maybe I should redefine late night...we started our walk at 8:57pm. So, really not that late at all, but still it was dark out. The hubby has been wanting to walk as his form of exercise, and he always seems to get more interested in walking as the weather warms up. It was a perfect 56 degrees and our brisk pace took us to the library and back.

Because I'm that much of a nerd that I returned a book on walk. LOL.

Even though I haven't quite hit the gym the last few days like I wanted, never underestimate the power of what a good walk can too. A brisk one, the kind where you find it slightly hard to hold a conversation. Tonight's walk gave me flashbacks to when we were dating, it reacquainted us with the town, and had us making plans to visit a few local restaurants

So if you miss a day at the gym, if you slip up and eat way to much, don't forget to just talk a walk. Studies show that even a 10 minute can help improve your mood. 

Alright everyone, I am trying to still get back to a decent bed time, so tonight's post is short, but I will be back tomorrow.