Really Rough Day

I'm feeling a bit discouraged. My PCOS is kicking my butt this last week.

If you find yourself in a rough place, it's hard to listen to people who are telling you to get better or to not lose hope. But when you hear it from someone whose been there? Done that? It can really help.

Check out How did she get fit for some great motivation today, a girl who is also suffering from PCOS and a thyroid dysfunction.

"And when you just DON’T have the STRENGTH to keep pushing forward…
THAT’S GREAT. You don’t need it. You don’t need your own strength to do what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because you have God on your side. Though there may be tears in moments of your own weakness, asking God to help you and leaning on HIS strength is what is going to pull you along the way."

Loved that part about "not fair". I needed to hear that. "Stop before you make God cry." I was chosen for this battle. I can do this. God designed me this way. 

"He knows you. He knew you before you were born. He also knows that you NEED Him in your life. Let me tell you, sister… we all have those desperate, low, moments of weakness. We feel discouraged. We want to quit. We want to shake our fists in the air and say “It’s not fair!”

But guess what? You were made for MORE. God never promised “no trials and tribulations.” God is letting you go through this because he wants a closer relationship with you. Guess what else? He is READY to help pull you OUT of these trials! He is ready to WALK WITH YOU right from where you are now…to the finish line!"

Check out Kaliste's blog. Allow yourself the tears the anger, recollect your thoughts, give yourself a break. I know I needed one. 

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Blessings everyone,