Self Care

The last week my PCOS has really kicked my butt. With a missing cycle and and another pill to take, I was extremely down on myself. I was feeling defeated even before I had begun the fight. Someone told me something today that really helped, that REALLY spun this around for me.

If your friend or family or spouse or significant other were hurting, or if they were in a bad mood, a dark place, a series of really crappy moments, what would you do for them? Would you hug them, would you send them a gift, spend time with them? Pray with them? Ultimately you would love them, right? You would go to them in a heartbeat if you could. You would help.

Are you caring for yourself the same way your caring for others who are going through a rough time?

I wasn't. I did not have enough compassion for myself this last week. I did not have enough acceptance of myself. Absolutely in no way am I saying that you can't be angry or that it's NOT okay to be angry. Because it is okay to be angry. It is okay to feel your feelings.

A really great way to honor your feelings is to say "Even though I am (fill in the blank, anger, sad, hopeless) I accept myself, I love myself, I have compassion for myself."

You're acknowledging the feelings that you have and speaking life into things that are true. So even if you don't accept yourself you can say "Even though, I am pissed, I honor myself, I love myself."
"Even though I am sad, I have hope, I have compassion for myself, I  have time for myself today."

You have to practice self care. I was burning the candle at both ends lately and didn't even see it. Emotionally and physically. I signed up for a work event because I was worried about money, when I shouldn't have been. Which takes away from my precious self care time. Exercising.

Exercise is self care.

Don't let anyone tell you it has to be tough, that it has to make you sweat, or give you abs. Exercise is a way of honoring your body, the temple that God lives in, a way of channeling that sadness, that anger, that frustration that comes along with whatever battle you are fighting.

(Check out Fitwoman for 40 ways to incorporate self care into your life.)

I'm not 100% better today, and not really sure when I'll gain back that ground, but I know that today is day that I will honor that I feel frustrated but will take the time to run. That I will take the time to replenish my soul with other Christians tonight at bible study. That even though I am sad I will do what I love tonight and that is to cook dinner for my hubby. That even though I am tired I will take the time to relax and rest with a cup tea and read a book. That even though I don't have hope, I know that others can hold hope for me. 
I know others who are willing to carry the hope I so desperately need today in their hearts, in their hands, that Jesus holds the hope I need, while I can not. Carrying around hope becomes heavy and tiring the longer you hold onto and don't see the results you want. But I don't always have to carry the heavy load. God does, he can. 
Let your friends, your family hold the Hope that you need. Remember that God has infinite amount of Hope. That he holds it for you. 

Blessings Everyone,