Starting on Fridays, I think I would like to start doing picture posts! It turns out I tend to take a lot of pictures of my food, or machine's at the gym...being out in the park...all the things that make me happy on this journey for total health. (Physical, Spiritual, Mental)

I'll give it shot. It will allow me to try something creative and different, and hopefully be some motivation for you as well!

Onto today's motivation. I have been back to almost strictly Paleo this last week and feeling much better over all. I'm getting nervous for next week though as I have a 3 day long continuing education course. What do I pack for snacks? What if I forget my snacks?

Luckily, my Alma mater, has a kitchenette that I'll be able to keep my food for lunch, and I am planning ahead for what I'll bring. I'm slightly worried about snacks though...not sure if I'll be able to keep something in the classroom...I mean, I'm going to keep it in my purse, just not sure I'll be able to eat it. Fear of spilling...making a mess, the  kind of stuff small business are afraid of.

Carrots might be too loud, homemade chips might leave crumbs. But they have to let us out for potty breaks at some point right?

I've been trying my best to avoid ALL processed food. Today I had a nibble of someones granola but it probably took more calories to chew it then the actual nibble itself.

OOH! I'll bring nuts and snack balls! Nuts will be easy, not to many crumbs. If I get wonderful almonds with sea salt, that would be perfect. And the snack bite balls will be a good combination of fat, carbs, and protein.

I'll get an idea for the flow on I get to class on Monday and that should REALLY help me make with the calm!

Thanks for talking that out with rather reading that out with me.

I did see this awesome list on My Fitness Pal: The 5 Best & Worst Picks out of the Vending Machine

(my fitness pal)

So if you're not attempting a Paleo diet like I am. This list is a pretty good idea! I think the 5 worst are probably obvious. Pastries, candy, soft drinks, cookies, chips and crackers. For a multitude of reasons! Check out the link above for their full explanations.

The 5 best picks are somewhat similar to what I might bring with a Paleo diet.
Nuts! Although if you're paleo, it's recommended to use almonds or pistachios, not peanuts. Trail mix, that I think of it, I might just make that as well & make myself. Here's a Paleo trail mix, idea. Granola bars, you can also make your own Lara Bars-which are paleo friendly but do have the good kind of added sugar. They do suggest that popcorn is on the best list. I'll leave it up to you whether you agree with this or not. On a true Paleo diet, corn is not allowed. If you do like pop corn and just can't give it up, they do have complete organic, non-gmo pop corn out there. As I said though, I'll leave it up to you to decide. I personally wouldn't choose the popcorn out of the vending machine due to whatever buttery chemical they might be adding. I'm used this brand before and it's really good! Quinn Popcorn.

I've had the 'Just Sea Salt' kind and the Vermont Maple Kind, both very good. I would recommend seeking these out if you are consuming corn with your diet.

What tops their list? Water!! Can never get enough water! Someone complain about water bottles, the plastic, filling up our eco system, but hopefully you'll recycle it. Green is good! If not always pack a water bottle for yourself. That's what I plan to do next week.

Alright everyone, I have you have a blessed Wednesday, and I will write again tomorrow!
Blessings everyone,