Happy Independence Day!

I used the Charity Miles app to track my miles this morning. It was HOT, but I had company, which mad for a really good run. My running buddy today was my sister in law, Janel. We'll call her Mrs. Fitness, as she'll probably appear on the blog a few more times! Here's a link to her personal training page. You can follow her page to look for good recipes, quotes, and other awesome inspirational ideas.

No negative split this week, I hit a wall around mile 2.5. I was having a hard time pushing through it and even slowed up half way through mile 3. It was rough, but having a partner kept me going...although she's insanely fit & said "I could just keep running!" This was my first 4 miler this year, and as I progress into 10k training I will be able to push past that stinkin' wall much easier next time...or by pass it entirely.

The beats that kept me moving though, are some oldies but goodies, the rest are new...all links to YouTube videos to help you Get your Patriot on!

I Hold On Dierks Bentley
Home Dierks Bentley
Independence Day Martina McBride
XXX's and OOO's Trisha Yearwood
American Solider Toby Keith
No Fear Terri Clark
Come Home Soon SheDaisy
Fourth of July Fall Out Boy
Firework Katy Perry

Today I ran for the Wounded Warrior Project. It is because of our Nation's Hero's that I have my freedom. I am a blessed woman.

For your viewing pleasure a scene from one of my FAVORITE movies, celebrating our Independence!

The other great American movie I'm currently viewing, The Patriot with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger.


Or our neighbors across the pond might say...