This Runner now lives with a Lifter

Our guests arrived earlier this week and as the 4 of us settle into our, now new, daily routines, it's been interesting listen to someone count their macros.

Last night's meal and this morning's meal had the wife coutning off numbers to him. Which, I knew nothing about & sounds almost like a space alien langauge. (Because only aliens...or computers, talk to each other in numbers.)

Then today, as I came back from a run...(honestly I had to keep telling myself, today is a light run. Don't push it, don't go hard. Save it for Saturday. Do any other runners have this problem?) they asked how it went, I said 'Decent. Made good time & I had a negative split!

Now it was their turn to look at me funny!

"What's a negative split?"

"When you run the second miler faster then the 1st."

"Oooh! Runner lingo!"

It's kind of fun having fitness people in the house. The wife was talking about making protein pancakes (ya'll know how much I love my pancakes.) with zucchini or zucchini lasagna...lots of stuff will be happening with zucchini here shortly it sounds like.

Their inspiring me to drink TONS of water...and they eat 6 times a day!!

I had recently taken a break from tracking my food & paying attention to what I eat but I'm back on the wagon and they are inspiring me to keep trying small things each day.

It'll be interesting to see if their cardio time increases as well as my lifting time...we'll see!

Thank you all for keeping up with my journey, I really truly apprecaite it. It gives me something to concentrate on daily.