Training for my 2nd 10k

This week I am working towards conquering a 4-miler this Saturday (4 on the 4th) With a light run scheduled for tomorrow, and some minor cross training Friday night, I feel I will be able to accomplish the 4 on the 4th.

I'll try not to focus to much on speed but I will get out there and do it. Last year, I wore the blue and white paracord bracelet as a reminder that my 2nd cousin was fighting cancer, and to remember those that are fighting for our country.

It was a great run last year when I did it. I was looking back through old posts and realized I had run 8 miles that weekend. Once on Friday and once on Sunday. I think...either way...hey...8 miles...I say that like I haven't run a half marathon before...oooh look whose peacocking a little. LOL

I digress. Anyway!

I am officially registered for a 10k this September, but my honest to goodness goal is to get it done in 55minutes, I think that works out to be...I think about 8min 30 second miles...give or take a few seconds. Now I know I can do this! Because I reach an 8min 30 second mile a few times last year during my really intense training phase, but with my recent month off and not having run as much...It's going to take some real training to get back down to that number.


Runners World is the best they have some great suggestions on increasing speed with tempo runs.

(Runners World)

As well as Run to the Finish

I honestly feel like I just got faster by practicing hill workouts and interval training. Meaning if I had to do 3 miles that day I would take the massive hill to get to the park as a warm up, then run the mile around the park until I got back to the hill and then walked the massive hill as a cool down. I had read or heard somewhere that hill training increases your speed by increasing your endurance. You may not be going very fast during your hill training but it's building your endurance. Therefore, when you get to flatter ground, you can increase your speed but still be using the same amount of endurance. Without the hills you go faster...right? 

Correct me if I'm wrong, because I really don't know. All I can tell you is that, that's what worked for me. 

The other training I used was interval training. Meaning, I would run for a certain period and then walk for a certain period. I don't have any fancy equipment or garmin watches...(Although, if any of my family is reading this, you can probably bet that I'll be asking for this at some point on a Birthday/Christmas list). I would use my music to help me interval. I would walk or jog until I got to the chorus and then I would run at about 75% of what I thought my body could handle. And that spacing and walk/jog/run combination changed as my training for the half progressed. 

Since I'll only have 8 weeks left to train for a 10k (WOAH, only 8 weeks!) I need to get my butt in gear...this weekend should REALLY help!

I've found this pretty decent schedule. I'll pick up on week 4 this next week. 

Or maybe this one...

Either way...I'll keep you posted as I head back knee deep into the best sport ever...RUNNING!!!