Philippians 4:8 update and PCOS Awareness Month

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! The Mr. And I were out on the farm!  It was a blast. I decided to relax my carb restrictions this weekend, and not worry about counting macros. Important thing to remember is to feel good about what I eat and how I feel.

It's gotten much easier to say no to things though.  As in my Aunt made her famous chocolate chip cookies, I had a few pinches of dough. Otherwise I stayed away.  It's been easier to remind myself how I feel after I eat certain things.

Concentrating on what's good and what makes me feel good has really made a difference. I haven't weighed myself yet.  It's been over 3 weeks.  I'm wondering if I need too, but if I do,  this wouldn't be the week to do it. Lol

Anyway.  That's just a philippians 4:8 update. Onto September!

September is PCOS awareness month.  For more blogs you can check out my PCOS page here.

Late last month I did a series of Why I Eat What I Eat for PCOS. It was a really nice reminder of my healthy habits, and quite honestly helped me not feel so crazy!
Here are the links to the different subjects I tackled.

Caffeine and PCOS
Soy and PCOS
Gluten and PCOS 
Insulin resistance and PCOS 
Supplements, Medications, and PCOS 

For most of the rest of September I will post more things related to PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovaries) such as other blog posts, PCOS friendly recipes, inspiring pictures and quotes, and possibly a few you tube videos.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I'll be back tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!
Also if you have any questions related to PCOS leave a comment on any post and I'll try and get it answered for you.