Not myself

Lately I haven't really felt like myself. In part to why I haven't been posting a lot lately. Struggling with a few issues of the heart as well as trying to just stay on track with my diet, exercise, and rest. I had a GREAT run yesterday but coupled with a ton of sugar I was energized to right up until after the Bronco's BIG WIN!! Wawho! Then I crashed...hard!

My pants are fitting MUCH better, so that's my non-scale big win for the week. I also picked up some new running shoes over the weekend and took them out for a 4 mile voyage on game day.

Reppin' my team! Can you see how pretty and blue my new shoes are? They are the New Balance 870v4 Phantom Fit. So light, and comfortable. I thought less about my feet compared to past runs, which was nice. I'll have to give them another go this weekend to see how I really feel afterward. I walked around shoe-less the rest of the day, which wasn't a great idea. I was in a bit of hurting status, in my calves, the rest of the day.
However, I was also pretty pumped about the game to really be thinking about my legs. 

I realized I TOTALLY got my dates mixed up last week...last Tuesday was NOT Shrove Tuesday. Which is pancake Tuesday. My favorite Tuesday.

(If you're a fan of the HAD to know this reference was coming)

I LOVE pancake Tuesday. I will try to post my game plan for which pancake recipe I plan to use tomorrow. This year for lent I thought long and hard about what I want Easter to mean for me. I can really do some good spiritual work when I REALLY put the effort into my Lenten season. This year, instead of 'giving up' something I am going to practice spending more time reflecting on my daily devotionals as well as working on a few things like forgiveness of myself and know...LIGHT topics, ha. 

I should be back tomorrow. I love pancakes. I also love you for stopping by to read my random musings. Thank you.


YES to the win!

I also just got new shoes! Cheers to good runs ahead!