Saturday Round Up:: Training Schedule

I really and truly meant to post the turkey ball recipe, turns out, I bought 4lbs of ground chicken instead of turkey...oooh that was fun. But it was only 2.99 a pound at the store!! So still worth it and I did end up making these, just without the spinach, because we're out.

My pops and I are officially signed up for a half marathon this year! I'm excited. I thought very seirously about attempting to do a full but the idea brought more fear to my heart then the idea of a half. Which sounded WAY more exciting. I will also be doing the Memorial Day Murph again (Supporting the Michael Murphy Foundation). Which led me to planning out my fitness schedule for the next 8 months. LOL 

The half training will be a 20 week trainer schedule, but I also wanted to build up to the Murph as well, so viola, 8 months worth of training! 

I've also gone back to doing the Jamie Eason Body Building Lifting Workouts. I will fit these days in around yoga, HIIT training, half training, and Murph training.

This was before I got it all done.

Excited about the potential of what I'll be able to do at the end of the year with all the training I'll be putting into this year. 

Spiritually speaking I also plan to read 3 books out of the bible a month. 

Emotionally, I need to meditate more!!! LOL, but that's definitely a work in progress! I have been able to do a lot of 'informal' mediating. Just bringing my awareness back to my breath. 'Inhabiting' my body as they say. Paying attention to the air going in and out of my lungs. To how my body feels what's near it such as clothes, music, food. What the surface of whatever I might be touching feel like. It's really helped me from feeling anxious. But I still would like to do a an actual 5 minute mediation at least twice a week. 


No promises I'll be able to post tomorrow, but I will post Monday for sure!
Blessings, till next time.