Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday part 3

I apparently do a TON of posts about pancakes...I think once I figured out how to make them paleo style and low carb, I went crazy trying to make EVERY recipe I could.

It looks as if I had 40 posts about pancakes. ..however...that's a lie...but there's a link to 40 posts about random stuff AND pancakes from my blog!

I've made pumpkin protein pancakes
Cinnamon Coconut Pancakes, this is one of my favorite recipes!
I even have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to  pancakes and waffles.

This was from my FIRST Shrove Tuesday, Nanacakes which are just bananas and pancakes.
This is my second Shrove Tuesday post...probably my favorite because it explains the purpose behind Shrove Tuesday and why I believe that Easter is truly the holiday I love best, in the Christian faith. (There's also a link to more pancake recipes at the bottom of this post, lol)

Tonight I made almond flour pancakes and homemade blueberry sauce.

But I also had it with a glass of wine...or two...because adulting is hard and it's fat Tuesday.

For now I am off to help the hubby try and dehydrate some fruit.
Tomorrow I'll post about my goals for Lent.