The Importance of a NSV

NSV is otherwise known as a "Non-scale victory". Is when your pants fit better. When you can run your designated mileage without losing your breath. It's feeling good about your body. It's losing inches and not pounds. Victories for weight loss happen outside of the realm of the scale.

These are just as important if not more than weighing yourself. There comes a certain point in time where you have to throw the scale out and pay more attention to your body.

Someone once told me if you focus on change results will come. If you try the opposite, you set yourself up for failure. You become to focused on the end goal that you forget why you started. It's easy to be discouraged when you don't reach goals as fast as you want. You get discouraged every time you have a 'gainer week' (A week when you gain instead of lose.) Rather than focusing on running better, lifting more, enjoying your sweet equity that your putting into your body. Or rather out of.

Focus one step at time. One meal at time. One race, one lift, one workout, one pant size at a time. When you weigh yourself, try to think of it more of a range. I want to be within this range by this day.
Everything else is REALLY what matters.