WGMTTW: Week 2

I think I am going to make this a regular post for awhile. Here was last weeks post. This week's pictures are what drove me to continue to make better decisions, what made me happy, and what kept me going mentally, emotionally. Enjoy. Hope you also find your own snapshots of motivation through your week.

The first two pictures are of a quote from a decal I purchased off of Etsy. The Always Keep Fighting quote is from Jared Padalecki's Always Keep Fighting campaign, the symbol is pulled straight from the show. (It's the anti-possession tattoo the boys have.)

 Not only do I love-love the show Supernatural but the actors outside of the show seem to just be great people. They started a support group to help their fans who do struggle with depression/anxiety, self harm  and even addiction, to help them connect and feel less alone.  
It is the SPNFamily Crisis Network.
I have and do struggle with a bit of situational depression due to our infertility struggle. While I have mostly good days, it's still nice to have a reminder to just keep fighting, especially on the days where it's definitely not all imaginary unicorn friend day. (Please tell me you understand the reference, lol, well you do if you watch the show and are current with season 11) 

 The fact that someone took the time to not only make this, but a perfect stranger to write down my name and remind me that I am 'worth it'...brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes this journey can make you feel less then worthy.

On a much more lighter note, these things also helped me stay healthy and motivated this week.

 One of the gals at work let me borrow her spiralizer! It's awesome! I got to make zucchini noodles for the first time and it tasted absolutely amazing. It was incredibly easy as well!

This one just made me crack up...it's all about perspective! 

I love that scene in Lord of the Rings where Awen's dad is trying to send her off to the land where the Elves basically retire, and she has this vision of her future while traveling. It's a vision of what her life would look like if she stayed with king.

I love how she says. 'But there is also life!' It reminds of that story 2 Kings Chapter 4. The woman who loses her son. 'It Is Well'. Even though there is death in the future, even though things can get really bad, there is still life to be lived!
Even though Arwen could go where there is zero sadness with her family and friends, she is in love with a mortal man. Even though she will experience great sadness with the eventual death of her husband and son she still see's the joy and life in that life. She chooses mortal life. Bittersweet. 
The nerd girl in me and the spiritual girl collided for this story. It makes sense, I promise.

Last but not least, this read was hysterical! Can you believe how people used to dress in the 70's? I had a thought while running one day, did women wear skirts at the Olympics? I should really look this up...because then I wondered when women were allowed to start participating in the Olympics.

It's from Runners World Magazine, it's totally worth the look and a giggle or two! 50 Years of Dubious Running Fashion.

Hope you also found some great motivation this week! I'll be back next week with more!