Workout of the Week: March Madness Challenge

It's actually not one particular workout per say, so much as a challenge thrown down by Iron Woman Via Myfitness Pal.

There's good great things and good things about this. But first, the challenges. Yes, challenge(S!) as in more than one. This girl is motivated!

The first challenge is The Extra Mile. While I will be running this month and have a general idea of mileage for the month, this challenge will help me push just a few more feet. A few more steps...maybe just maybe I'll inch her out. LOL, I'm SUPER competitive...okay, a little, not horrific but still enough that it drives me to win.
The best part? You don't have to go fast. You just have to go. Doesn't matter if you walk the mile or run 3 miles. The point is to just move forward. Log your miles. She has us logging/tracking our miles or distance for the entire month of March. OH! I guess I lied, she said the only workouts that count for this are running. But still it's doesn't have to be a 6 minute mile. It can be a 12, 15 minute mile. Whatever you need it to be.
Obviously you can't bike either.

The second challenge is March Maddness! The Rules (aka How to Win) Logging or tracking the MOST workouts from March 1st to April 1st. Any workout will count toward this challenge. Swimming, biking, yoga, weight lifting, you just have to, again...move. Do something!

These are amazing challenges! The best part is with our busy schedules we don't have be running next to someone to drive us to complete it. It's also 100% completely free!!!

If you need a workout buddy but you both also have you know, LIVES, create a challenge like this. One that you can track electronically. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! You can challenge your friends to whatever.

A 90 day burpee challenge
A month month challenge
A first person to 50 miles challenge

Head over to Myfitness Pal for more information and how to start your own challenge. Get started on kicking your friends booties!