Self Love and Fitness Blender

Last night I was randomly watching YouTube videos. I've been pretty obsessed with Fitness blender lately. Easy, free workouts. They explain everything so you understand how to do the each workout. Great tips. Plus they're real.

They sweat right along with you. They will also make comments on their workout videos about how hard it is, or say "I'm out of breath!" It makes you feel like you have an workout partner versus an instructor.

I love their videos. If you don't have a gym membership or don't have access to a gym or you even HATE the gym, whatever your reason...or even if it's as simple as it's cold outside...snowing, can't leave the house, don't have a ton of time to hit the gym or go for a run...whatever your reason, there's no reason you can't attempt a short workout with one of their YouTube workouts.

Check out their website for more, I just downloaded their app last night, I will definitely be using it soon. For now, I am just checking out the features and figuring out how it works.

You can also check out the website at Fitness Blender

So yeah, basically got a little crazy checking out all they have to offer. I have been using some of their workouts for almost two years now. They know what they are talking about. I guess I can't honestly say enough awesome things about this couple.

Anyway, point of the post is that I came across two videos that reminded to love my body as it is. To love myself during this journey of health. And most importantly, not to freak out over every little thing, every little fluctuation that my body makes, ((cough, cough, Saturday's weight gain cough, cough.))

The first video is Kelli's story. How she lost 40 pounds but most importantly was how she learned to take care of herself in the process.
Asking for help. Making a promise to herself that she would not keep up the harmful habits to her body anymore. You may think, she looks good, not fat, why did she need to lose weight?
Listen to her story. You'll see why she struggled. You'll understand the work that it took physically, emotionally, and mentally it took to get to where she is now.

(Okay...for whatever I can't find the video via the thing on Blogger that let's me find video's so here's the link to check it out instead. Kelli's Before and After Story: How I Lost 40lbs and Overcame My Eating Disorder)

The second video is how your body can fluctuate easily and why it's important to NOT obsess about it!

I hope these videos inspire you on your journey today. It really motivated me today to just be kinder to myself and look at my body through kind eyes. I love how strong I'm becoming. I love how I'm starting to see small definitions in my muscles. Progress is progress no matter how small. I also did myself a favor, I didn't step on the scale today and allow it to tell me my worth.

God determines my worth. And I am worthy. I am worthy of self love and self compassion. I am worthy to be thought of as precious.

Practice self love and self worth this week. Start whispering nice and beautiful and wonderful things about your body, about your life. You are worthy.

Blessings to you,