Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday probably isn't a thing, but today it is!

My confession for today is that I have been obsessly watching the show New Girl for the last two or three weeks. This is where Netflix becomes dangerous. It allows me use television as an escapism when I'm trying to be anti-social or hide from the world. That's probably a different post for a different day...or none of the days at all! LOL...yeah...nevermind

I have legitmate feelings for characters now. It's awful. It's bad. I really shouldn't feel this much. So, in order to not turn into a complete lazy bum, if I ever get a day to sit and watch the show at home, on a day off, you know I'll be doing some TV workouts.

Here are some of my favorites.

Or make up some of your own!

Yeah, it's bad...I should really be doing other stuff right now instead of thinking about watching just one more episode.

I hope you're not stuck in a show loop like I am...I should really be doing something....anything....