Top 10 Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Quotes for some Motivation

I'm currently marathoning the Hobbit today. It's the first Sunday in a LONG, LONG time where I've just been able to relax. REALLY relax. I got a great mini Murph in with Iron Woman. Then came home to clean my house and actually Meal Prep for the Day/Week.

I made hard boiled eggs for snacks, protein banana bread, PCOS breakfast cookies, and buffalo ranch chicken meatballs with brown rice. (I'm out of quoina ::Sad face::). I have meals ready to go for the next two days and snacks ready to go for the week! I'm feeling pretty good!

Anyway, back to my original thought. I love how movies can inspire, motivate and push us to believe great things. Even sometimes, in ourselves.

Here are my top 10 quotes from The Hobbit Movies and the Lord of the Ring Movies to get you pumped up for the start of your week. These are in no particular order

(Life Hack 11 Best Movie Quotes)

(Let's go to the movies)


Enojy everyone, hope you got to have a lazy Sunday too!