Woman Crush Wednesday: 2

 This is my friend M, who I lovingly call Mrs. America, because she goes crazy with red, white, and blue stuff every 4th of July.

There's so many good things I could say about this woman, but I'm not sure I know where to begin. Let's start at the beginning. M was one of the first people I opened up to about our fertility struggles, after the devastating RE's visit. You know those types of people who are really good at listening, and without saying a word you just feel better? She's one of those people. Never judges me, accepts how quirky and crazy I can be. She's the kind of friend, when I randomly ask her to send me a picture of her dog, she doesn't ask questions...she just does it.
We don't live in the same state anymore and setting up Skype dates has proved to be less than possible. However, she's the type of friend I know, that no matter what storm or joy is in my life, she mourns and celebrates it all with me.  As I do with her.

However, I'm not just posting to tell you about how cool she is. (Which she is, let's be real.) I'm writing about her because she is one strong and powerful woman. She has overcome a painful past, fought depression, and lived to tell the tale. All with the determination to raise her rambunctious growing toddler as well as her smarty pants fur baby.

2015-- My two nieces

  Ms. E & T 2017

M is also an outspoken advocate for baby wearing and breast feeding in public.  

M has recently started a blog called from Pug Life to Mug Life & & Everything in between. Her blog is about their engaging preschool activities, as well as tackling tough subjects like depression.

Her most recently Wine Down Wednesday post covered such a topic.

"May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a month that is meant to help educate and fight the stigma of living with mental illness. Even while sitting behind a keyboard, it is hard to admit that mental illness is something that I have struggled with for many years. While in high school, I fought depression with the help of a few close friends. While in college, I was able to start medication for my depression and anxiety. I found a passion for working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, but discovered that without self care, and our amazing pug as an emotional support animal, I would quickly get sucked back into my own depression. My husband has always been supportive and helped in anyway that he could, even if he didn’t fully understand what exactly was going on."

M is an amazing mother, friend, and reminds me to keep pushing towards my goals. We all need people in our corner that can remind us to be good advocates for ourselves, for our health. That's why M is my woman crush Wednesday.

Alright I gotta get back to work.