Welcome to my blog :) *Finding Your Motivation*

Hi! I'm Amanda and I am joining the world wide web to inspire others to stay dedicated to their health and fitness goals.
Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS. I won't spend to much time talking about this but I am sure it will come up from time to time on future posts. Especially when I post recipe ideas.
I tried FOREVER (Okay not forever, but for real, about 6 years) of trying to lose weight all by myself. Nothing worked. I exercised. I started eating 1,200 calorie diet. Nothing! Finally saw a specialist and she put me on a low carb diet. After doing personal research into PCOS I made my conscious decision to go gluten free & reducing soy to a minimum. It's been so helpful. I feel great!
After going low carb (or Atkins/Paleo-ish) I lost 30lbs, which added up to a 70lb weight loss.
But I had finally found something that worked, for me! That was huge! It was not quick, and trust me- it was not easy. But I was dedicated. Dedicated to fixing my health, controlling my insulin and hormone levels.
I will help you find your reason, your dedication.
But like everyone, I have my bad days. Hell, I have my bad weeks. But the point is, to just keep going!
So- from my blog I will...not guarantee (because most guarantee's in life are BS) but will try to honor a few things. So here's what you can expect...

Sunday: Runday/Funday Inspiration
Monday: Motivation/Meditation- Mondays
Tuesday: New Workout (Because Being Bored makes you stall out on your goals)
Wednesday: Wordy Wednesdays- pictures and words to keep you motivated.
Thursday: New Recipe or what's cooking in my kitchen
Friday: Fitness Friday (Possibly another workout or updates to my latest fitness adventure.)
Saturday: I can't promise I will always post on Saturdays, am I only of the lucky ducks who get to work on Saturday and between life, work, and working out I might not even get to the blog.

My first tip is to find your motivation. Take time today to think about what moves you. When I started working out 6 years ago, all I wanted to do was to be able to run around the block once, ONE WHOLE TIME) without losing my breath. (And trust me, our block isn't very big). I progressed from running around the block, once to twice (I'm an overachiever ;) )
From there I started run/walking 1 mile. So once around the city park.

It was then, that my brother was out of state. While gone he ran a 5k with some of his buddies and posted it on Facebook.
Now, my brother has always been a pretty fit guy, so he was no stranger to running and working out. But it was then that I decided that I would train to run a 5k, so when he got back we could run it together.
This was only a few months into my running adventure. My new foot hitting pavement lifestyle.

In September of 2011 a few months after my brother was back we ran a midnight run. It was not my best run. In fact I crapped out just before the finish line, my feet hurt, I couldn't get my thoughts out of brain and into my body, but guess what? I was still lapping everyone on the couch. I was the crazy fitness person at 193 pounds (I'm short- I do promise not to talk numbers after this) running 3.11 miles at midnight. With my brother, the most athletic person in the family. Running with me, had been a source of pride for me.

So, what's your huge deal? What is your goal?

Start small. Work your way. It took me a year of training to get ready for this run with my brother.
Don't do it for a pretty dress, you'll lose motivation to quickly. Don't do it for the 10, 20 year anniversary/class reunion. Once that event happens you'll go back to the bad habits. (I know I did after I got married).
This journey is about you, your health, your sanity. If you don't feel strong and confident enough, I do promise this journey will help you get there. 2years into my running journey, I was no longer ashamed to "be the big girl in class" because after 2years of dedication I became the FIT girl in class.

Find your motivation, and let the amazing journey begin.