No Fear

Life has been happening outside of the realm of my keyboard. Not all good stuff, but not all bad either. I have been hit or miss with posts this last week, but I was finally able to get behind the keys tonight so that I could bring you some amazing inspiration for the last part of your week.

I was on a 6 mile treadmill run this morning when it hit me that I was having to push through the first mile...then heading into mile 4 I kept saying "can't stop, don't stop, won't stop". I just wanted to get my miles in and get past it. 

Get past this ridiculous stress I've been under. Get past doubt, get past...fear. 
I've fear a lot about life. Almost afraid to simply live it some times because I just wasn't sure if everything was going to go the way I wanted it to, and then when it wasn't it really came crashing down on me. I needed to not fear so much. I needed to remember to take chances. That I was worth the risks I was and will take. 

I need not fear the 13 miles that loom ahead of me, or the decisions about my future because in the end, it really will, all be okay. 

Today's mantra, No Fear.

There will still be days where the darkness will out weigh the light but I know that if I keep my head up, I will eventually see the stars peeking through the clouds, or the moon that lets me know that Sun will surely rise again. 

I started logging my food again on MyFitnessPal. While, I am not opposed to gaining some weight, provided it's muscle, I have ventured out beyond my comfort zone. I needed to buckle down. Not nearly as much as I did last year, but really just to keep an eye on things. 

I'll never have a truly perfect diet. I may not actually get in all the miles I need to get in before this race, but the important thing is that I keep going. That I learn to enjoy the journey. To not dread and most importantly, not to fear. 

I realized something awhile back...although I don't think it sank in, but we are equipped to be Warriors. Not "Worry-ers". 

This really helped push me through the rest of my workout. I had to stop and walk about 3 times, and remind myself that treadmill running is A LOT different (at least for me) then running pavement. I even went on to attempt a few assisted pull ups after my 6 miler, but I got to 7 pull ups and said "NOT TODAY!" (I had been shooting for 25).

My brain has started to trick me & make me think that every mile I run past, like scary and can't be done. 
I often have people tell me this when they begin to exercise or before they even start. 
Stop focusing on what you CAN'T do, & start focusing on what you CAN do. Don't worry if you CAN'T run, but I bet you CAN walk...(provided you're not wheelchair buff guys in wheel chairs. You will want to start lifting, I promise!)

Try lifting free weights, try Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, An Aerobic Class, ballroom dancing. 

Don't be afraid to move your body. Don't be afraid of eating another cookie. 

Be braver than the cookie. Show the cookie (insert your favorite snack...mine are cookies) that you aren't afraid to walk away from it. 

Listen to these songs to set your mind for goodness for the day.

No Fear, by Terri Clark

Brave Sara Bareilles

Go be worth your own journey. Make choices, don't worry about failure, take risks. Be brave!