Dinner & a Smoothie

Last night the Sailors Wife got to spend the night! It was fun! Like being kids, gossiping and whispering & eating healthy...lol...it's true no dessert or chocolate, and not so much gossiping as whispering and maybe just venting.

It was the perfect night for Shrimp Alfredo and Pasta. Homemade Alfredo with Cauliflower sauce to be exact! I've made it before but I didn't have the nutritional yeast I needed to make the sauce. Well, a few weeks ago I found some at the store & was psyched to make the vegetable based sauce again!

Here's where I found the recipe! At Healthy Family and Home, check out her recipe. It's really good I think I needed to add more nutritional yeast & a few more seasonings but overall a really good option instead of store bought Alfredo sauce.

I added shrimp, diced red onion, and broccoli and kept the red peppers. Seasoned in basil, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, and sauteed in olive oil.

The pasta is gluten free quinoa pasta. Quinoa shaped like pasta basically. There is also a brown rice option that is also very good. I found it in the health food section.

A great dinner, vegan if you skip the shrimp :)

I also made the Sailor's Wife and I smoothies for breakfast this morning. Here's the recipe...

2 cups almond milk
1 kiwi fruit (peeled from the skin)
1 banana
A few raspberries
1 cup spinach
1/2 avocado
1 cup of chocolate protein powder of your choice

This is a big smoothie. It is two servings at least. Really good though.

I gotta run, enjoy everyone! Have a great Thursday!