Half Marathon Results!

Sunday Runday, holy cow I'm stiff day....

I will post in depth about the run tomorrow but right now...I'm beat, and my brain is only thinking of food...and sleep.

Here are some of the great pictures I got!

Ding Ding, here we go!

WE FINISHED! We also CRUSHED OUR GOAL!!! We were ahead by almost 15 minutes!

Some signage from the best family ever.

We are done! Now it's time for FOOD!

Finishers Medal :)

My first 5k to my first Half, just under 4 years in the making. 

Tomorrow I'll post the in depth review...or maybe tonight once I've napped/slept...stuff... things...
I also might talk numbers...something I promised I would never do. LOL


P.s. Of course I didn't forget to pack the wine