Half Training Tips & An AB workout

I was blessed to be able to go to a concert with my sister last night. It was awesome! However, I am exhausted this morning and being two days (HOLY WOW) outside of race day, I am nervous. I also ate TONS of food yesterday. Massive cheat day! Totally on accident. I would like to start practicing planning my cheat days, as the article I posted yesterday suggested.
Yesterday's cheat was totally unplanned. I stuck to mostly gluten free stuff. I'll need to be more hyperventilate though about processed stuff. Someone made chicken salad & I forgot about mayo having soybean oil in it :(
Iron Woman reminded me to just get back on track with the next bite though. Don't wait until tomorrow, or Monday, the next meal is always the best time to get back on track with your healthy eating habits.
I also find it hard to not have a lot of cheat days because I'm at a great weight for my height so when I see I have lost another pound or if I am sitting at a really good number for the day...well I tend to go crazy with whatever I want to eat.
It's a trap I'd rather not fall into. I want to maintain my current weight OR if I am to gain weight I want it to be because I am finally turning adipose tissue into muscle!

Keeping that in mind, I turned on this weeks recording of the biggest loser and did an AB exercise this morning. Only took me about 20 minutes, but I figured something was better than nothing.
I did 150+ AB exercises this morning plus 50 squats and 25 push ups.
I did find this awesome workout though!

(photo credit in photo)

Being two days outside of race day I hit me how nervous I am this morning. For some reason I feel like I'm prepping for my very first 5k all over again! Eek! LOL! To the Internet for some research!

According to Women's Running they say to not wait until the day before your race to start adding in extra calories to fuel your body. (whew! Now I'm not regretting the gluten free Italian food I consumed yesterday.) Make sure that you are balancing carbs with protein. Even more glad I hard boiled those eggs earlier this week! I also bought pumpkin seeds! Protein, protein, protein! Let's not forget the quinoa pasta I have been consuming for about 3 days. 

They suggest making your big meal the lunch before your big race, NOT dinner. This lowers the risk of stomach problems & allows your body to be able to process the nutrients as well as sleep better. They suggest eating a lighter meal the night before the race...I'm thinking grilled chicken Cesar salad...yum-o!

The two to four hours before the race you definitely want to make sure you are not eating anything new. I have been consuming either a smoothie + two eggs OR Oatfit with a scoop of protein powder plus two eggs. Seeing as how I had a great amount of energy on my 12 mile run I think I am going to stick with 2 eggs + the oatfit with a scoop of protein powder + 2 protein balls & probably 2 of the passion drinks from yoli. I will feel full & really energized! 

Something I haven't been so great at is eating during running. I used to think...if you have to eat or use the restroom during a run then well, you're doing more than exercising at that point, amIright?
But I LOVE knowing that my body can run for 2 hours. I need to take care of my body though during that time. I have discovered that I enjoy the protein balls during the run. I will have a baggie with my balls in them. "During the race it is recommended that you eat 30-60grams of carbs per hour." According to Women's Running. They have a list of suggested foods to eat such as bagels, bananas, energy chews, or gels. They also recommend switching between water and sports drinks. 

The article does also go on to explain what to do post race & how your body is craving carbohydrates Eat a full meal as soon as possible. I think I have been having that problem with not eating SOON enough after a race. I plan on showering and then EATING! Then...relaxing!!

Trusting in my training is what is going to be key for the next two days. You know, while I attempt to make with the calm...as they say. 

Alright everyone, gotta get to work. Enjoy your Friday & I will talk with you all...well...If I don't post tomorrow I will post pictures on Sunday...post race...holy cow...okay...breath...just breath...

I'm gonna go just...breath somewhere.