Post 1/2 Marathon Feels

I apologize I didn't get to post yesterday, cause like an idiot, I decided to be crazy busy.

Luckily I got a massage yesterday but I'm wondering if it might have been too soon...or if I was just having some late on set stiffness but come 7pm, my neck, back, shoulders just locked up.
Dehydration? Possibly. I did have a bit of wine...and an ale on Sunday...could that have done it?
Today I'm battling a seasonal allergy thing...I think. My throat hurts.


Okay, so here's the recap of the half.

I way under thought having fish the night before a big race. Don't get me wrong the salmon was superb! The red potatoes perfect, green beans dripping in butter. Yum-o-yum!
However, it was SO. MUCH. SALT.
I had to run with my hands up to keep them from feeling like 10lbs each.

Mile 3 I needed a port-a-pottie break...I told Iron Woman Saturday night that" I feel like if you have to stop and eat or pee during a race it's beyond exercise at that point, but it's not exercise really at this point. It's about the challenge and seeing how far I can push my myself."

I can't even tell you how much time I spent putting together a play for Sunday. I spent hours & about $10 just to perfect what I might need to listen to for the day. I barely heard any of it. The first 6 miles FLEW by! I was so interested in the signs, the people drinking as we all ran by. The typical "worst parade ever" signs "Go random stranger go" "I'd follow that butt for 26.2 miles" They were hysterical. Also paying attention to runners/walkers...yes...WALKERS!

No...not THESE walkers...
But walkers...

People literally walking. It was awesome & so encouraging to see people of all shapes, sizes, fitness abilites participating in this amazing event!
(Say it one more time & tell me it doesn't sound funny...WALKERS)

Unfortunately the bliss didn't last. My feet and calves started to cramp around mile 8. My shoes were too tight. I had to motion to Iron Woman that I needed to loosen my laces. After all we were running a head of time :) I figured a less than a minute break wouldn't hurt our time to much.
Got right back on that course and kept going once I loosened my swelling feet from the prison.
I also didn't know how filling my protein balls ACTUALLY were during a race & I drank WAY to much Gatorade. My stomach wanted to revolt. I was too full...can you imagine that? I also had way to much water in my belly. Next time (yes next time) I will know to pace myself a lot better as far as snacks & water stations. I honestly skipped the last probably 3 water stations at least.

I got to mile 10 and mentally I was thinking about how all I wanted was to be done. "I'm so ready for this to be over" I kept thinking. I started picking up my pace a little bit. Kept telling myself "Only 3 miles left, only 2 miles left"; "You've done this before, you've totally run 2 miles before." Mile marker 12 passed and I just took off. All I know was I was DONE!!!

I came around the bin and noticed we were running INTO the stadium. I thought 'how cool is that to run directly onto the field?' I was running so fast my family barely had time to get their signs up as I passed by. I smiled so big! My heart was so happy to see them. It really lifted me to go that extra little bit...bu then I realized they make you run the dirt path AROUND the green...UGH!! I had to grunt a few times, release the angst, the frustration of the little bit more to go. I finished STRONG.
The one song I paid attention too...the last song...timed it perfectly as a matter fact...

This was a goal I had wanted to accomplish all year. I crossed it off my bucket list & all I can think is..."When do I get to do it again?"
It was painful yet exhilarating.

Later on Sunday...stairs were hard. My knees hurt. I had to ice them. They felt heavy and really could feel every pound I was putting on them. I ended up with a few blisters on the inside of my big toe. Probably from the way I run. Even though I was equally ready to be done, I was equally feeling a sense of accomplishment and elatedness. I was powerful. I was strong. I was sad it was over. 4 months of training and it was over in just a few hours. (People often feel this way getting married. So much work & preparation for such a short amount of time.) 

I also still haven't slept really well...someone who had completed an ultra event told me that this was normal as they do not sleep well after big events. I also gained 4lbs from carb loading and water intake...I've lost 1 I'm not too worried, just need to make sure to keep my carbs in check the rest of the week.

Check out C-Ville for a great article on fixing some post race blues you might be feeling. I need to put together a new exercise routine. Something different I think will really help. I would love to lift more, and a co-worker suggested Jaime Eason Livefit Trainer. She has videos and workout plans for lifting beginners.

Alright everyone, It's almost time for me to get home & get some rest.
OH! Before I forget...apparently I am suppose to be taking it easy this week. Lots of strecthing/yoga...super light stuff. NO running. Everyone recommends not running after a half. So, here's to relaxing and taking it easy.

Blessings everyone,